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Automate test with Power BI?

In our work we face challenges everyday that involve time consuming tests of ERP systems.

When we talk about test automation the focus is usually on how to execute the test. "Click here, and the test tool performs all the steps you need".

This method is great when you want to check easily measueable tests. Like sending an account balance request to a system and get back an amount. It either works or not. The expected result is easy to record, it is the balance on that account.

But what about test validation within the ERP system? Anyone that has been working with a more complex ERP system knows that one transaction creates mutliple transactions in other modules.

In a case we work with, we have an incoming transaction that lands in a staging table. The expected result is two purchase orders, a transfer order, a sales order, project transaction, tax transactions, inventory value and of course all the financial posting. A manual validation can take hours. To program an expected result is very complex, if even possible.

So how have we solved this?

Instead of having IT testers or the business to manually go through all these steps, we have created reports in Power BI that contains all the expected result. Within a few seconds the tester can see if the test has passed or failed. With conditional color coding we add visual effects that helps the user in the validation process.

In the example below the user can see that four steps out of six have passed. With direct links to more detailed reports, the tester can continue the investigation of the steps that failed.

So, by thinking a little bit outside the box and what is normally expected of test automation, you can achieve great improvements in your test processes.

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