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The Ultimate Guide to Downloading the YouTube App on Your Phone or Tablet

Apart from downloading the YouTube app from the Google Playstore, you can even manually install YouTube APK files on a PC. A similar process can be followed while installing YouTube on a macOS Big Sur desktop or laptop.

While there is no official Youtube app for Windows PC (running on Windows 10 or later), Linux or MAC there is an unofficial app developed by developers at that you can download and install on your Windows PC or laptop.

download app

You can get YouTube on Android and iOS by clicking on this website's Free Download button. Mobile devices make it easy and quick to download and install the app for free. You'll notice slight differences between the app for Android and iOS, but all the essential features are there either way.

Once you download the YouTube App to your phone, the app provides you with several viewing options to cater to your preferences. For instance, you may lower the video quality when using mobile data to prevent large expenditures. On the other hand, even 4k videos are available.

Also embedded in the app are the download and sharing options. Both features are a click away, and sharing enables you to post a video on a social network of choice or send it directly to a contact on your smartphone.

But before you do that, it's worth knowing Google has a YouTube Kids app. You may want to give that a go; it will only show kid-friendly videos. However, if your child is old enough to download and use normal YouTube, which you don't want, here is how to restrict or block it.

The primary benefit of using this method over the first one is that you can download and keep apps of any rating. Once you think every app you need is there, you can delete the YouTube app and prevent new app installations.

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After doing this, the App Store will disappear and become inaccessible on the device. Thus, you or your child can't download any new apps. To revert this, follow the same steps as above but choose Allow in step 4.

But before we go ahead, here's a quick disclaimer. This how-to article is only to help users download YouTube videos for their convenience, and strictly not for copyright infringement. You should ideally download videos only when the creator allows it, and should use the downloaded file responsibly. With that being said, here's a quick and easy guide to help you download YouTube videos on mobile and desktop.

Snaptube is a third-party media download app that can download videos and audio clips from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and a host of other platforms. It is not listed on the Google Play Store, but can be downloaded from the dedicated Snaptube website and a host of other third-party app repositories. Also, it is available only on Android, and not iOS.

4K Downloader is a software that can help you download YouTube videos on your PC or macOS with relative ease. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and has a simple interface that only involves an easy copy-paste process to locally download YouTube videos.

YouTube Kids is a separate app you can download from the App Store. This YouTube version is suited for kids and has a healthy environment that provides a safer online experience for children. You can set parental controls and ensure your kid watches videos suitable for their age and interests.

This post teaches you how to download YouTube app for Windows 11/10 PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone so that you can easily watch YouTube content and manage your YouTube account. For solutions for other computer issues, you can visit MiniTool Software official website.

You can access the YouTube website in Chrome browser and watch YouTube content directly. If you want to download YouTube app for your device like Windows 11/10 PC, Mac, Android phone or tablet, or iPhone/iPad, check the simple instructions below.

For iPhone or iPad, you can download the YouTube app from the App Store. Open App Store on your iOS device, search for YouTube app and download it for your iPhone or iPad. It requires iOS version 8.0 or above to run YouTube app.

For Android, you can go to Google Play store, search for YouTube app, download and install YouTube app for your Android phones and tablets. Still, the system requirement is Android version 4.0 or above.

This post offers a simple guide for how to download YouTube app for Windows 11/10 PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. Instructions for how to upload or download YouTube videos are also included for your reference. Hope it helps.

iCloud Download/Setup on Windows 10/11 PC, Mac, iOS, AndroidLearn how to download iCloud for Windows 10/11, how to set up iCloud on Mac/iPhone/iPad/Windows/Android, and how to download photos from iCloud to PC or Mac.

Do you want to watch YouTube videos offline? Watching Youtube videos can be a fun way to pass the time. But what do you do if you don't have an internet connection? Luckily, there are some ways you can download YouTube videos to watch offline. If you are in the U.S, you need a subscription to YouTube Premium to download videos to watch offline on YouTube. In some areas, certain videos may be available to download for all users. If you don't have Premium, you can use an app like 4K Video Downloader, or an online converter to download videos. This wikiHow teaches you how to download a YouTube video to watch offline on a computer, phone, or tablet.

Do you want to download YouTube videos in MP4 format? You don't need to worry about installing YouTube video downloader. There is an easy way to download videos easily. This article will teach you how to download from YouTube using ssYoutube.

You can use the "ss" method to download YouTube videos to any device, be it Android, iPhone or Windows. You can use it on both laptops and desktops with any browser. You can also directly convert YouTube videos to MP4 or webM format.

In this case, we recommend YT Shorts Save Tube. This is a free and simple to use website that puts no limits on the videos you want to download. Also, you can download your long videos if you need to.

Users who already had the YouTube TV app installed still had access to YouTube TV and could blissfully carry on with their streaming addiction, while those who had yet to download it had to find another means of using the app.

No matter how much Google threw its weight around, Roku stood its ground. In the end, though, Google set a deadline to reach an agreement by December 9, 2021, or it would no longer allow either the YouTube or YouTube TV app to be downloaded to Roku devices.

Have an online video that you want to convert to audio or video file on your computer? VDownloader allows you to convert online links to video download, but also download your videos in different formats.

Using video downloader is the most helpful when you need to watch a video without internet connection. While you will need internet to download your video, you will be able to watch it later without WiFi or any data plan. Perfect for traveling or places with poor connection!

Now, we're making the watch page easier on the eyes: YouTube links in video descriptions will change to buttons, and frequent actions such as like, share and download, are now formatted to minimize distractions. The subscribe button is also getting a touch up: the new shape and high contrast make it really stand out, and while it's no longer red, it's easier to find and way more accessible to everyone on both watch pages and channel pages.

And we're more than just our looks. After introducing and testing several new product features on earlier this year, we heard from many of you wondering when we'd make these more broadly available. The wait ends here: we're launching pinch to zoom and precise seeking to all users starting today.

A series of films introduces you to the various design elements and security features of the new notes as well as the production process. An overview of all films can be found on the SNB's YouTube channel (

YouTube TV, like all other streaming services, is simple to cancel. All you have to do is go to your YouTube TV account on the web, at Go to Settings, then Membership, then Manage, and click Cancel membership.

You must have a good internet connection to download videos on the YouTube app. Whether you are connected to a Wi-Fi network or cellular data, good signal strength and an active internet plan are essential to access all features of YouTube.

So, every time you open YouTube, a few elements are pre-loaded to save some time and data. Once there is a lot of accumulated cache, it might lead to a few junk files that execute bugs, which might be responsible for YouTube Premium not downloading videos offline.

If you are trying to download videos using mobile data and the YouTube app refuses to do so, you may have enabled the option to download using Wi-Fi only. You need to disable that to allow downloads using mobile data too.

So if none of the above fixes work, you can try and update the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android devices. We hope this will help fix the issue of YouTube Premium not downloading videos on your phone.

This app we are going to use here, apart from grabbing the Youtube videos, can also be used to convert the videos to MP3. It supports password-protected and private videos, can download single videos or whole playlists, and has the ability to automatically selects a video format based on your quality demands.

On the latest versions of Ubuntu, the SNAP package managers are enabled by default, hence we can install many applications available through the Snapcraft repository. The best thing is Snap is a universal package manager which means even if you are using the CentOS, Rocky Linux, or any other Linux you can use it to get the Youtube downloader.

After you have successfully set up ClipGrab, you can launch the program.Now you need to copy the web address of the video that you want to download. In order to do that, mark the link to the video in the address bar of your browser and hit Ctrl+C (or Cmd+C if you are on a Mac).


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